Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dai kirai no boku ju kisai, dai kirai no kao ju kisai

I did hate myself at 19.  I continue to hate myself at 29.  Not much has changed.  (translation from the title: I hate myself at 19, I hate my face at 19)

Hmm...more stories?  I can give you another story from the sampling trip with B from the lab. 

So, we were talking about his younger days (he is in his golden years now).  He is a weird guy, and from what I garner, he has always been a weird guy.  Anyway. 

So, his parents were not entirely committed to raising a child much less children and he traveled around a lot a kid.  He was in Boston, Hawaii, California, Ohio, Tennessee, and Kentuckty from what I've heard so far.  Anyway, this little segment of his life is from when he was a teenager.  His parents had sent him to military school in Kentucky, I guess the same place they trained foriegn insurgent children as well.  In military school the rules are rigid.  You get caught fighting, you go home.  You steal, you go home, you cheat you go home, etc, etc, etc.  You get the idea.  Except if you were one of these foreign insurgents.  Then you were encouraged to do all of the above and didn't get in trouble for it. 

*a little caveat, I don't know how much B is making up and how much is true.  I'm very gullible and I don't often know when people are really making shit up, this seems like it could have all happened to B, like I said, he's a weird guy.  So, take this with a grain of salt. 

Anyway, one of these guys steals from B and he tries to turn them in to the authorites.  This is when he learns they have diplomatic immunity.  So he does what any angry boy does, he fights them and gets kicked out of military school.  One of his friends at home, his uncles are in some Polish Gestapo group (this is well after the war, B isn't that old) and so B, feeling that the establishment has screwed him and is corrupt, well, listens to what they have to say about facism.  And he likes it. 

So the obvious next course is to join the Junior Nazi Party.  Obviously.  He told me he wasn't all about the persecution and slaughter that was affiliated with the Nazi party and that that was just a faction of it not the founding principal. And besides, he says, it wasn't even the biggest holocaust of people but it is the most sensationalized.  It has good PR.  Which, I agree to a point, Stalin and Polpot did a  good job of killing lots of people, too.  They just weren't so proud about it that they made such a big deal about it.  Like, 'hey, look over here, hey look!  aren't you proud?  Look at all this human suffering!  Aren't I the most evilist?  Yes I am!' You know. 

I think he finally outgrew his Jr. Nazi Party desires as he got older but he doesn't regret it.  He told me that the Nazi Party would have been accepted in the 70s but some skinheads messed it up.  Stupid skinheads, they always ruin the fun, don't they? 

Anyway, not a great story but an interesting insight to someone you don't know's life.

Video?  Yes.  Same video as the lyric in the title?  Certianly. 

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