Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All the lies I heard from you, all the lies I took as truths

So, had a cracked filling and got it replaced today.  Still can't feel my face, but my tongue is all crackly like eating a handful of that pop rocks candy stuff.  I should have eaten breakfast but I didn't and now I'm pretty hungry and  don't have enough control of my mouth to even drink something, much less eat anything.  Well, I lied, I fumbled through a cup of yogurt.  My boss watched and laughed.  So glad I could make someone's day. 

I've been thinking about conspiracy theories.  The fluoride finding about it probably actually turning you stupid and ruining your teeth has me thinking about other conspiracy theories, well that and I just read about a bunch of them on the internet.  You know the place, where all things factual and truthful are found and where no one would ever lie or make up a story for sensationalism?  I mean, that's strictly for the mainstream media.  So, yeah.  Just thinking about it, you know?  There's also a podcast about conspiracy theories on, that's always interesting as well...  But the thoughts, you know, I work in the water industry, so it will be interesting to see what happens. 

I have run into the supposedly 'crazy' people who told me that the government was using fluoride to brainwash the population into complacent and docile members of society but I always passed it off as crazy.  Especially since the one guy was hiding in the woods dressed head to toe in camo, wearing gloves and a mosquito netting hat, long sleeved shirts and pants, in 90+ F degree weather walking his cat.  It was enough to make me feel that he was crazy.  He did tell me all about government control of the masses.  After that one encounter I never saw him again.  Did the government silence him?  Was he right about the aliens, too?  And what other secrets did he try to tell me as I made my escape from his general proximity? Why didn't I listen to him when I had the chance?  WHY!!!!!!!  I could have put us all in danger.  All of us.  It's all my fault.  I'm sorry, world, I have let you down.  Please, forgive me when the crazy guy's warnings come true and I didn't feel safe enough around him to stay and listen.  I hope you can forgive me for the Great Zombie Apocalypse of 2011. 

There she did it again.  Zombies.  Do I need to change the name of this podcast to something more zombie appropriate? 

My head is foggy today.  I finally slept through the night but now I feel like a zombie today...I'm not sure why.  Maybe I need more caffeine. 

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