Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooking week 1, Corn Muffins

The dry ingredients
 So, first week of cooking something from scratch in 2011 (I need a catchy name for it...I'll have to think on it...any suggestions?) and I decided to make Alton Brown's Creamed Corn Bread.  So, I get all excited, I get all the stuffs I'll need...and I don't have a 10" cast iron skillet.  So...I do a little back step and find this recipe on the internet for creamed corn muffins.   I took lots of pictures this time, you'd be proud of me.  I'm going to try to take  many pictures when I make this stuff so you can see step by step how it goes. 

Plus the wet ingredients, it looks kinda icky...

 So, it's a pretty quick recipe, which was perfect for this week, I just have not had any time to do stuff... I wanted to make pork but that didn't happen, the pork was spoiled in the vaccuum sealed package when I opened it and I almost had a fit.  I actually took it upstairs to Ry who was getting ready for work (it was gonna be a crock pot dinner) and asked him what I should do, telling him it came from Walmart so he should fix it.  I was tired, what can I say?
Ready for the oven

Anyway.  I get the muffins all cream corned up and ready to go in the oven and bake them for the approriate amount of time and they look good. Asher and I watched them cook in the oven with the light on.  He kept saying "muffin!".  How are babies so cute?  I have no idea. 

Anyway, we get them out and they look GOOD!  I'm pretty excited and so I let them cool down, butter the top and take my first bite...and they are bland.  As bland as can be.  And I'm sad.  As sad as can be.  They were minorly redeemable with some honey.  But they look damn awesome, don't they?  I think I'll experiment with this recipe in the future.  But just look how awesome these look.

Out of oven
They look delicious.  Just like the cake, it's a lie.

So, that was the cooking experiment for this week.  Any suggestions for future weeks?  Hit me up in the comments section with a link or telling me where to get the recipe and I'll give it a shot. 

Don't I look delicious?  I'm not.

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