Sunday, January 16, 2011

Case Western Science Fiction Movie Marathon #36!

So, I failed at updating from the marathon like I said I would.  Sorry about that.  I didn't sleep through any of the movies this year, even when The Day the Skies Exploded and the original Night of the Living Dead showed back to back at 1 am on Saturday morning.  I fell asleep for probably an hour total for the whole marathon.  

  My thoughts on the marathon this year:
  • Transformers still sucks and Shia LeBouf has a girl name and is not a very good actor.  
  • Men in Black was an awesome marathon movie and I still love it.  Even if the vic quoted the entire movie next me word for word while we watched.
*It was right about now when the whole place started to get stinky, and just to add to that was the shig's acid cajun turkey farts and the awful smell the turkey made in the cooler.*
  • First surprise was Battlefield Earth.  Oh dear lord, battlefield earth.  I am still looking for leverage against this horrible movie. John Travolta was really channeling his inner Johnny Depp in this movie, too.
Now it is time for all the horribly difficult movies to sit through at the butt crack of the middle of the night...
  • The Day the Skies Exploded.  Boy, this one was tough.  It was in black and white, which can be good and can be bad. This time, it was bad.  Lets see.  The most boring and least emotional astronaut ever, long boring space scenes and magnetic meteorites hurtling towards earth with our destruction it's main job description, stealing our gravitational fields because of their magnetism which is also why they were attracted to us (cause of our magnetic fields).  Yeah, I fell asleep for about half an hour of this one and it still was way too long.  OH, and some douche bag had a laser pointer and they turned the movie off and turned the lights on until he promised to put it away for good.  He wasn't even being funny with it. *shakes head*
  • The Night of the Living Dead is a pretty decent movie when you aren't dead tired and slightly uncomfortable.  Pretty much everyone in the theater (except for me and that one guy over there) was asleep at this point.  I'm pretty sure I only dozed off for about 15 minutes in this one, I was trying so hard to stay awake.  I like that the blond woman in this film is such a crappy character, I really like it when her brother takes her back to where she belongs, in the land of the zombies.  I do feel bad at the end, though. I won't ruin it for you if you haven't seen it.  
  • Next up was surprise 2.  Time Bandits.  Ry loves this movie but I was never really a huge fan.  It was a pretty good marathon movie, but I hate that almost all Terry Gilliam films have sad or crappy endings. I know not every story needs a happy ending but...well, you know.  Oh well.  
  • Lilo and Stitch.  I love this movie.  I will always love this movie.  Best disney film in my opinion.  And I love Hawaii a lot, too, that probably helps. 
  • Escape from Planet of the Apes.  So, this movie had potential but no budget for action scenes is what I think.  It was interesting as for a concept, the Apes come to present day humanity are assholes.  And it takes too long to get to what we obviously all know what's going to happen, humanity sucks and ruins everything it touches.  You know, that's not how I actually feel but in sci fi movies that is always what happens.   And I can see how it could.  Anyway, this one was almost a sleep fest, people really tried to sleep through it.
  • Armageddon.  We had already watched The Day the Skies Exploded, I didn't need to see it remade poorly.  So we went to Chipotle and when we came back and it was still playing we played scrabble in the hallway where a dude was puking in a bucket.  Thanks fuckface, go home if you are sick you inconsiderate cow's uterine lining. 
  • Alien.  What a good movie.  It wasn't as good here, though, the film was so aged that it was bright pink.  When I say bright pink I mean every single thing was bright pink.  It distracts from the suspense of the movie.  Also, we were supposed to tell JJ when the scary parts where but we let her down a little.  Sorry JJ. 
  • Surprise 3 was the new JJ Abrams Star Trek.  It is a pretty kick ass movie, we left a little bit into it though to pick up little bear.  We didn't want to neglect him too much.  
The  last two movies were It, The Terror from Beyond Space!, which they played a preview for earlier and I wasn't too impressed so I didn't feel we were missing much (and how does something come from beyond space?  It's the final frontier), and the Jeff Goldblum (how do you spell his name?  You know who i mean) version of The Fly.  
Anyway, that's the marathon.  It was pretty awesome, like usual, and I find myself in eager anticipation for next year already.  Oh, and if you were there for the last two, tell me how the went! 

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