Thursday, February 3, 2011

Staring at the Situation

I have to work a double today.  Joy.  16 hours of good old AWS.  And it's freezing out.  And I mean, freezing.  Like, so cold your nose hairs freeze.  That cold. I'm so cold.  And only 15.5 hours of freezing left to do!  Yup. 

Can you tell I'm pretty motivated to do my job today?  Yup, pretty motivated. 

So, I had to go get lab samples this morn because they are shorthanded.  Let me just tell you about getting water samples in, oh , wait, let me check the temperature right now, it's 9 degrees F.  So, you can wear gloves, right?  The samples are raw water that is below freezing point but hasn't frozen yet because we keep it moving.  Moving water doesn't freeze as fast or ever if you can keep it moving.  That's the key.  Anyway.  So, if you wear gloves they will get wet (wet means cold, red, broken fingers).  If you wear rubber gloves (medical or the big black dish washing looking like gloves even) over your gloves it feels as if you have no gloves on at all, even though your gloves stay dry  you fingers still end up cold red and broken.  You can wear the big puffy super insulated gloves but then you can't feel what you're doing and you spill the sample all over your clothes, which is by far much worse.  So, you end up with bright red painful fingers for half an hour after you have collected your samples.  I need to find better gloves.  Such is my life.  I can't wait for 40 degree days again. 

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