Sunday, February 27, 2011

In the first days of the spring time

So, sunday morning radio sucks.  Badly.  It's all talk.  And boring talk.  Not interesting talk or even news but boring people droning on about nothing. 

Kind of like this blog.

So, how do I know this?  My FM modulator broke, thus rendering me incapable to listen to anything but the radio on my way to work.  Gonna have to make an emergency run to the store today. 

Ry pulled the "i can only deal with you in this context three weeks out of the month" on me the other day.  Yup.  He went there.  I did not really even get mad at him, though.  Because it's true.  And I can't deal with me very well on that fourth week, either.  Isn't that sad?  Maybe I'm unclean and I need to go lock myself in seclusion for a week.  Do you think that's included in my medical plan?

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  1. The bible does say women who are unclean need to go off into the woods until they are better.It also says bacon is bad so clearly its not 100% correct