Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Now we can swim every day in November

So, yeah, sorry about yesterday's lazy post.  I just didn't have anything to really talk about or anything and I was kinda mind dead from moving and arranging data for a new project I'm working on.  That kind of work is really mind numbing, for sure. 

Not that I have much more to talk about today.  The half inch of ice in my driveway this morning was nice.  Gonna play Dnd tonight, that will be fun.  Also, probably gonna go for margaritas and $1 tacos from Marcelitas around the block from my house.  How can you say no to $1 tacos? Just try.  Espceially since they aren't from Taco Bell.  I can say no to 99 cent tacos all day long.  Except when I'm craving those disgustingly greasy-yummy excuses for Mexican cuisine. 

I have a headache that I got yesterday afternoon that won't go away.  I think it's waiting for me to make it the 'morning after breakfast' but I just want it to go away and so we are in that weird awkward (boy, that is a weird word, isn't it?  awkward?  weird) standoff where we both just stand in the kitchen and look at everything other than each other and wait hopefully that the other will just give up first.  It's a standoff. I'm hoping I will win, I have a secret weapon, two ibuprofen that I ingested when the headache wasn't looking.  Ha! 

We will see who's laughing last. 

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  1. I love Marcelita's! I haven't been there since I was in like middle school with Ryan. $1 tacos?! Sounds tempting. But it's a haul for us.