Saturday, February 5, 2011

I know there's better brothers but you're the only one that's mine

So, i had this dream this morning after Bear woke up but before I got up to get him out of bed and it just proves my subconscious thinks I'm a bad mother.

So, apparently I work at the Streetsboro Walmart and I'm way late to work.  I run in, clock in and run a register for about an hour when I realize that I NEED to go out to my car for some reason, but I don't remember why.  I tell my boss (who was this kid I went to high school with but never worked for) that I need to take my break and he lets me.  I run outside (I've been working for like an hour and a half by this point) and get to my car which was parked in the way back of the parking lot.  I find Bear sitting in the driver's seat.  He unbuckled himself out of the car seat and climbed into the driver's seat where he loves to be.  He smiles really big at me which makes me feel even worse as a mother for forgetting my child in the car and him forgiving me, being HAPPY to see the horrible mother who left her child in the car in the winter for a long time.  So I freak out and open the door and he's panting like a dog.  I realize that he was gonna suffocate in the car because I am such a bad mother.  

So, I get in the car and I don't even strap him into his car seat, I just drive with him on my lap and cry because I feel so horrible.  I drive to my uncle Donald's house which is close by and Ry and my dad and my brother are all there.  Ry tells me that I am a horrible mother but not the worst, at least I remembered in time unlike that dad who killed his baby by leaving her in the car all day long at work in California.  Yup, that made me feel better.  Oh, wait, it didn't help at all.  Oh, someone had called social services on me, too, so I got a phone call from someone telling me not to run, that they were coming to take my child because "only a horrible mother would leave her child in the car in the winter so she could go make minimum wage" I believe was the exact quote from the social worker on my phone.  Oh, and the kicker?  I lost my job, too.  Cause I'm awesome. 

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