Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm a horrible dancer, I ain't gonna lie

Good early sunday morning. 

Lots of things...had a great time at Steve's wedding on Friday Night.  Me and Asher and JJ danced up a storm.  Strangely enough, no one else danced...hmm..does that mean we were such awesome dancers other people were intimidated by our mad skillz or does it mean we were so bad people were afraid to be seen with us?  I'm guessing the latter.  But it was so much fun.  We danced for two hours!  It was amusing, some older ladies came out briefly to dance to Get Low, that was weird. 

Ry is sick and whiny and helpless, so yesterday I got to take care of two babies all day. I need some adult interaction.... job...well, my job...pretty much on Thursday the Plant Superintendent pretty much told me something along these lines: "um, yeah, so thanks for doing all that work for the EPA, that was really super of you, but now that it's done we don't really think it's important for you to keep it up and yeah, what do you do around here, because we can't figure it out, you don't seem to be very useful but we aren't going to allow you work on other projects because you aren't [insert class pet names here, we have a few] so you probably aren't smart enough to do anything else, you know, wiht you being a woman and all."

Okay, I made up some of that because I'm upset.  I do feel like the industry I work in is dominated by men who don't think women can do this job (or do it as well as a man could) and often don't even consider me for projects or other things going on.  Also, my boss did pretty much tell me that he doesn't think all the work that I did for the Watershed Control Plan was really that important (now that I'm done).  The EPA seems to think differently but who are they?  Not my bosses, I know that much. 

I don't really want another job, I like my job.  Except for the lack of respect, the ridiculously low pay for the responsibilty of work I do, and the whole 'in trouble for stupid shit every other day' balogna.  So, I guess I don't really love my job.  I hate to go from job to job all the time, too.  I just want someplace I can feel that I'm making a difference and doing a good job and using my intellegence (what little there is of it) for improving the lives of others.  That's all I ever wanted from my job, that's why I went into the sciences and why I work in Public Service. 

Oh, in other news related to my job (sorry this is long today..jeez, I just can't shut up), the EPA loves my report, apparently there was a big meeting on Friday about it with what my EPA contact called "Top Managment" who were interested in reviewing it.  I haven't even submitted it formally yet, this was just an informal review.  So, that's good news.  Maybe they'd hire me?  Doubtful, I've tried before.  About 100 times.  I guess there's always 101. 

I'm in love with this song right's going on my zombie mix, too, for  the party.

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