Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A morning like any other morning

Last night went really well.  I'm glad we reconnected.  We talked for a long time and she is doing really well.  She's so strong, I'm really impressed and proud of her.  I know that sounds stupid but, it is what it is, right?, might have been reading my boss wrong or maybe he's just really bad at explaining what he is trying to say but...I think I got a promotion yesterday without the pay.  I mean, I'm being trained for a promotion until the position is permitted through the city HR department and then I get the real promotion.   But due to city finances, that could be more than a year away.  I don't want to go into it right now, I'm not sure of all the details anyway, but, yea (I think?)

Ry is going out of town for the entire week starting on Monday morning.  It's gonna be a tough week...

I wanna go dancing. 

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