Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Farewell to all that bound me, it is over

Hmm...I'm having guilt issues again.  I wish my family didn't demand my guilt on a regular basis.  I'm trying really hard not to feel guilty about this kind of stuff but I just can't help it sometimes, I've been trained from an early age to take the guilt over other people's issues and problems. You have to admit, I'm pretty darn good at it, too.  I guess everyone is good at something.   

I've got pretty much nothing else that doesn't sound petty and whiny, and so I'll spare you the details on that.  I think I need some sunshine and no snow soon, it's making me constantly tired and occasionally depressed and self pitying.  I think some outside time without 3 feet of snow with an ice crust to make walking in impossible (trust me, I know this for a fact after a 1 hour hike through the woods with an Amish guy yesterday) would be a nice change.  

I'm thinking about going to get a spa treatment or something but I'm a little nervous, I don't really know what goes into a spa treatment and I wish I had a girlfriend here who would want to go with me, it'd be more fun with two, right?  Like a girls bonding day?  I don't know.  Anyway, have a great day, would ya? 

Oh, by the way, the Closure video (from Dommin) just came out recently, check it out below.  If you watch and pause it at 3:09 you will see an angry Martin standing dead center.  I made him go, and of course you can't see me standing to the right of him, I'm too damn short.  But, he went (because Birthday Massacre was the headline and who wouldn't want to see them?) and got to be in their video.  Damn his luck.  Oh well, still a good song and good video (not my favorite by them but still good). 

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