Monday, May 23, 2011

sunny cali, day 2

So its all going pretty well in california. The travel out with asher was 1oo% better than last time so that was nice. Sad thing is we are all either getting colds or severly allergic to something because we are all congested. We are working on medicating to appropriately solve the problem.

So yesterday we went to the Makers Faire, which is pretty much a nerd festival of awesome proportions. Amd heavily steam punk oriented. I personally think steam punk is under ratted. I love it. We rode a solar powered carousel which was painted completely white. We didnt take our laptop or i would have posted some pics to go with this blog. We also had our first round of awesome california garlic fries. Yum! We later went to the mountian view festival, much to ry's dislike of festivals. Im pretty sure he had a good time at both.

Today we went hiking in coyote hills which was nice. Its a park set in foothills and saltmarsh. Very neat scenery. Also, there was a ton of wild dill growing everywhere which was cool. And canada geese. I just cant seem to get away from stupid canada geese.

The bad thing that happened, tho, was that when we were trying to wrangle the kids in the car jason put the camera (his super expensive tricked out camer) on top of the car and asked me to remind him of it. My head is all foggy from sickness or allergies or something and i forgot about it and so did he. We were going down the road and i heard 'thump bump' and remembered. His camera is trashed. I feel horrible. :(

Anyway, theres my quick update.
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