Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I had a vision of a very common place

I'm pretty sure there's a black obelisk in the lab hallway this morning.  Well, honestly, it's much more of a thin box than an obelisk but, still, you know?  It wasn't there yesterday and it's just a solid thin box.  I wonder if I'm gonna evolve or level up soon.  I hope I don't level up to diabetes

Cake show was Awesome last night.  I had such a good time with the Jesses and Jess P.'s exboy Peter.  He was pretty cool.  But very intense.  I'd hang with him again, though.  Cake played a double set (they told us they were opening for themselves), the parking at the Masonic Temple was free (yes, free.  I couldn't believe it, either.  I mean, it's Cleveland.  Nothing is free in the Cleve), the feel was good, the music was great and it was such a nice night.  They gave away a free tree to a guy last night but he had to promise to plant it, take a pic and send it to the website.  Then he also had to promise to send a pic every couple of year as an update.  How eco-clever of Cake.  I love them just a little bit more than I already loved them.  They played so much off their very first album (which is my favorite) so I was super duper happy.  Oh and JJ gave me a super awesome magnet because she's awesome. 

Although I think I might have annoyed her on the car ride home.  Sorry if I was more annoying than usual, I was pretty tired not that that's an excuse or anything.  Public apology, check!

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  1. I don't recall being annoyed at all, or what I may have been annoyed about. So I will keep the public apology under my belt and use it next time you really owe me one! ;)