Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People glad to be where they are, with who ever they're there with

This song, the title for today, I heard from some random posting on 30 day music challenge on Facebook (which is pretty fun).  I like it.  I'll post the song at the bottom, I know I haven't been doing that lately.

Just starting work today with my cuppa Twinings Earl Grey tea (oh, my new morning tea love of loves, it's so good...tea swoon...), but to get my tea I had to have a clock fall on my head first.  It was a "what the fuck" moment of the day.  Weird things fall on my head at weird times.  I had a celing tile fall down on my head while sitting in Japanese class one time, too.  So strange.  It broke right in half on my head (the tile, not the clock). 

Thanks for all the positive comments yesterday on the blog about my dad and my bro's reaction.  It's nice to know I'm not just being melodramatic or daddy-issued more than anyone else, and to know you guys support me and love me.  It's a nice feeling.  Or maybe I am being melodramatic but it's melodrama with purpose. 

And, I would hope I have nicer cleavage than my brother.  It would be fucked up if I didn't.

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