Monday, June 27, 2011

And the people were shouting my name

Sucessful party yesterday, even after I destroyed the cake (totally on accident) on the way home from picking it up.  I've learned my lesson.  I also cried about it on my way home.  And at home.  But it was delicious and Asher absolutely loved it so who cares, right?  I bought his Yo Gabba Gabba tickets today for his birthday but the show isn't until September so he will probably be like, omg, another present for me because I'm awesome.  Which is he is so it's okay.  I'll try to get other pics on here, I'm having problems getting them emailed to myself from my phone for some reason.

Asher was so happy when everyone sang happy birthday to him, I asked ry to video it but he didn't, he only took pics, I'm not sure why.

My little boy is two!  :)

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  1. Let me know the minute he actually says "OMG". :)