Sunday, July 3, 2011

We'll make some noise we'll wake the dead.

So, the date for Zombipocalypse 2011 has been set, Sept 24th.  It's gonna be awesome.  Seriously.  I'm currently accepting recipes for zombie themed foods and decorations and I'm also accepting any zombie related songs that aren't on the list already.  See below for the current updated  list so far (sorry if I'm missing something you told me to put on there and it's not on there yet, leave it in the comments).  Also, if you have any of these songs please let me know in the comments so I don't have to purchase them all, I can just borrow them from you for the party. 

I also have been wanting to film a short zombie spaghetti western.  Anyone want to help or have any suggestions?  Like a five minute video, something for youtubes or whatever, but I just have been wanting to do it. 

Zombie playlist songs:

Johnathan Coltrain, Re:your brain
Horrorpops, Walk like a zombie
Roky Erickson and the Aliens, I walked with the Zombie
Nudist Colony of the Dead
Return of the Loving Dead - Nekromantix
The Priscillas - All My Friends Are Zombies
Koffin Kats - Graveyard Tree
Creature Feature - The Greatest Show Unearthed
Creature Feature - Aim for the head
Voodoo Church - Zombie A go go
Gorillaz - Hip Albatross
Michael Jackson - thriller
zombie girl - The darkness
White Zombie - living dead girl
The Used - wake the dead
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
Cranberries - Zombie
Zombies!Organize! - Zombie Manifesto
Kingston Trio - Zombie Jaboree
Designer Drugs - zombies!
Zach Selwin - Were comin' to kill ya
Sek - living dead beats
Acid bath - pagan love song
Acid Bath - new corpse
Zombina and the Skeletones - nobody likes you when you're dead
Wednesday 13 - I walked with a zombie
Murderdolls - She Was a Teenage Zombie
Zombie Zombie - Driving This Road Until Death Set You Free
This World - Christian Olde Wolbers
The Limousines - Internet killed the video star
Family Force 5 - Wake the Dead
Mc Chris - Mc Chris is Dead
Mustard Pimp - Zombie Revenge
L7- Pretend that we're dead
Zombie Zombie -walk of the dead
Grendel - Zombienation

BTW, the ones in the different color are songs I already own or ones I am for sure going to buy because I really like them. I'll be posting other things related to the party as it gets closer, including a sign up sheet for what you would like to bring or help out with for the party.


  1. Sorry Jess, I forgot we are having a clambake on that day. I cannpt make it like I said on Facebook. :(

  2. Hey I found a ton of songs on a torrent site and downloaded the torrent files but not the songs yet. I'll do that when I get back from vacation. But don't buy anything, ok? I think we can get most for free!