Wednesday, July 13, 2011

All of this is tearing us apart

You know, it bothers me when people are afraid to (or just don't for some reason) tell me when they are upset with me.  I'm really not fond of the passive agressive method, often I really don't notice that it's even happening, I just have way too much going on in my life catch every hurt feeling and innuendo.  I really don't like it if you are upset with me and I think I go out of my way usually to make everyone happy.  So why wouldn't you tell me if you are upset with me?  It's easier for me to work things out with people if I know why they are upset and if they are upset with me or in general. 

Let's make a promise right now, okay?  If you are mad or upset with me for any reason, please just call me and let's talk about it, okay?  Don't hold it in and fester about it or let it bother you that I don't care.  I do care.  And you should know that by now.

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