Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I lie, I wait, I stop, I hesitate

So, a few life lessons were learned yesterday.  One is that expensive smart phones should not be cleaned in the washing machine, even on the 'delicates' setting. 

My phone really wanted to try it, though.  I said, no, phone, you are just barely 2 months old and I really don't think you are dirty, I've been so careful with you.  But my phone, my dearly departed phone, it said that there are certain things you can't unhear and it would prefer to take the risk of death just so that it could feel clean again.  And then the plunge was taken, and it was too late.  I tried to stop it, mostly because I still owe money on it for another two months.  It's not even like I was utilizing its full potential, I mean, the most exciting thing I did with my phone was words with friends.  And we all know how exciting that can be.  My poor phone, no wonder it didn't want to live anymore.  I should have seen the signs that it had suicidal tendencies.  I should have tried harder to save it, like not throwing it into the washing machine at all.  I should have let it play me hi-def movies.  It never got to play a hi-def movie.   

When Ry came home he tried to do vacuum to waterlogged phone resuscitation to no avail, and now the phone corpse is buried in pieces inside a clear vault of instant rice. 

This all happened because I was trying to multitask.  I feel that the older I get, the worse I get at multitasking, i just forget stupid things.  Like where I put my cellphone.

So, my life lessons:
-Never listen to a suicidal smart phone.  Sometimes they can be too smart for their own good. 
-Only do one or two things at a time, cause any more than that and you become a dysfunctional mess.
-crying like your cat got run over because you ruined a phone that cost an entire week's paycheck is no way to go through life.
-I'm pretty good at wrapping wedding gifts.


  1. The rice thing should work! I've heard nothing but good things about it. Only bad thing is your warranty will be void because it got wet.

  2. Maybe all the phone wanted was a Pepsi