Friday, July 29, 2011

manditory vacation, day two.

Here we are again on the road. We will be driving every single day of our trip, much to Ashers dismay. He's not so fond of all the driving, which i cannot say I blame him for being so.

Asher watching Yo Gabba on our trip down

We arrived in Newport KY around midnight on wednesday night and tried to tuck our sleeping child into bed. Unfortunately he wasnt very asleep (he refused to sleep for 3 of the 4 hour drive...) so he woke up and freaked out because he didnt know where we were. So he slept fitfully in bed with me. Some things I learned about sleeping in the same bed as a fitful toddler: he doesnt share the blankets, he doesnt respect the invisble line demarking sides of the bed and he has to sleep with some type of body contactg at all times. So we both got poor sleep at best. But somehow asher was full of energy and ready to rock and roll at quarter to seven so we let daddy sleep a bit and went to get breakfast, cause we are considerate like that.

Food at Tom and Chee...

After showering and breaking fast we rode these cute little trolley car shuttle buses to the Newport aquarium, where we had a great time just running all over the aquarium in an excited spasm of fish viewing esctacy. They had a really cool otter exhibit and then we walked through this room where you could feed lorikeets. A lady was done feeding them and gave asher her cup of nectar (cause we are too cheap as parents i suppose) and asher got to feed them, when im not on my phone ill post the pics so you can see, too. Apparentky my hair looks like a flower or something because i got divebombed and then pooped (or peed or spit on, the volunteer said it could have been any of those options) on. So that was awesome.

After the aquarium we went and ate at this place called Tom and Chee, a pretty good and cheap toasted cheese restaraunt. The aquarium was in a little place similar to crocker park or legacy village in cleveland.

Momma and Asher swimming
Then we went back to the hotel room, momma and daddy in dire need of a nap, asher wired like a crack addict. Needless to say, after almost an hour of futility and dreams of baby shaking, momma let daddy stay in the room and we went swimming in the pool. It was pretty fun, momma likes swimming. I dont think my workout is being effective, i still look like a chubbsy-wubbsy. Oh well.

We went to this really cool park both last night and today that is right along the Ohio river. There was a little concrete waterway replica of the ohio river, a piano we played, a pretty cool riverboat playground and lots of nice places to get close to the river. It was so hot, though, and there were all these booths that promised to sell hawaiian shaved ice but they were all closed. I would have paid a lot for shaved ice, damn them.

And so, after spending a hot sweaty morning on the playground we are on the road again. I managed to avoid eating skyline chili so far, hopefully i can keep up the record.

Porkopolis indeed...makes Asher happy.
Next stop, middle of nowhere kentucky for a friday night wedding.
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