Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mighty Leaf Tea for the win!

So, our story begins in California where I got introduced to Mighty Leaf Tea.  I brought some back to Ohio and fell in love with their Organic Earl Grey.  As most of you know, I am in love with tea.  I drink tea most all day every day, I have about fifty different brands and flavors in my cupboards, and I always want to try new teas.  But my search for the perfect  cup of Earl Gray tea is over.  I've found it at Mighty Leaf.  So good. 

Anyway, I "liked" their page on facebook and sometimes I comment on their page or posts.  One day, I get a message from a person I don't know and I open it hesitantly.  It read:
Hi Jessi,
Thanks for sharing on our Facebook wall! We'd love to send you some different samples of tea. Please respond back with a ship to address and we'll mail you some in the coming weeks. Please note, that we will not use your address for any other purpose.
Marketing Manager

Mighty Leaf Tea..
So, I checked her out (I was worried someone was phishing for my address for who knows what reason) and she was indeed the Marketing manager for Mighty Leaf tea so I sent her my address.  I figured she would send me a few free teabags, if you place an order with them they will normally send you two free tea bags of your choice.  I thought nothing of it after that.

Then one day Asher and I are pulling into the driveway of our house and I see a package at the door.  I ask Asher if he's ordered anything recently, as I have not, and he tells me "there's a box at Asher's house!" so I figure it wasn't him.  I get in and pick up the box and open it.   
A handwritten letter awaits me inside. 
A handwritten letter. Not a generic typed scrap of paper or nothing at all, a freaking handwritten letter.  And then, not a few loose teabags, but three boxes of tea.  Whole boxes.  And this tea isn't cheap, it's like $8.95 or more a box.  And three whole boxes.  Check it out.

Needless to say, I'm shocked.  I'm stunned.  This is so amazing.  First of all, this tea is literally mana from the Gods in my opinion, and now they have me hooked,  because they are so good at making excellent teas and so good to their customers.  It really went well above and beyond anything I would ever have expected from them.  Ry tells me that this is exactly what they were hoping I'd do (write a blog about how freaking awesome and fantastic they are) and this is all just good marketing, but I don't care.  I feel it's good customer appreciation and I know their tea is more expensive than what I could get at the local grocery (there's nowhere close that I know of that sells this brand of tea so I have to order it online and pay shipping, too) but I will continue to buy their tea for myself and my friends.  Because it's that good and they are that awesome.  Thank you, Mighty Leaf Tea.

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