Sunday, August 28, 2011

The knob turns but the lock won't catch, guess I'll be in here for a while

As a way to cope with the daily absurdity that is my living existence I have decided to distance myself from it and write it in my head like a story as it happens to me.  Which doesn't really make it so much better, but it makes it a lot more amusing, at least for me.  I have introduced an inner dialog that narrates my life in it's  better moments (mostly the ones I don't want to be around for) that gives those moments a 'third person' mood.  It also makes it harder to focus on what is actually happening while I'm also trying to write it in my head so I am kind of outside of what is actually happening.  I think it's good therapy.   But it's also boring.  I really think that if I actually wrote it down and posted it on here, except for the angry times, it would be very boring.  Kind of like this:

She drove.  She took a left into the overgrown gravel drive at the bottom of the hill and passed the century house that had been abandoned years before.  She backed her vehicle into the gravel parking area and got out of the car.  Her episode of Stuff You Should Know about schizophrenia wasn't done yet, so she pulled out her headphones and took it with her.  The wind was brisk and slightly chilly, which was strange for this time of year, but made for a pleasant afternoon.  Autumn was in the air, her favorite time of year.  She walked the quarter mile to the gatehouse and unlocked the gate and the door.  She noticed the spiders, hundreds of them hanging along the walls and ceiling, some small, but most the between the size of nickles and half dollars.  She climbed up on the rolling wooden box and grabbed her scrubber.  Taking out the first probe, she began to carefully scrub.
See what I mean?  That's not really that exciting.  It does entertain me to do it, though. 

Tomorrow I'm going to start a weekly blog post about what I got from my CSA and what I made with it and if it was a pass or a failure.  I am kind of mad I didn't do this earlier, this is already week 14 but I'm going to backtrack a few weeks. 

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