Friday, August 12, 2011

You can't keep letting it get you down.

If I was smart, I would have taken pictures of the desolation that has became of my office. Because, you know, it took me 8 months to get the moldy carpeting out of my office and eventually I had to do it myself, but it only takes fifteen minutes to decide to tear all the walls down in all the offices/storage areas in the part of the plant I work in.  Without telling us that it was gonna happen. It was seriously like the beginning those Douglas Adam Hitchhiker books where no one tells Earth it's gonna be demolished to make way for an astro-superhighway.  Except I didn't get a Ford Prefect to come and save me from my office and I'm pretty sure there were more crow bars and sledge hammers in mine.  They started it around me yesterday and are continuing today while I'm off work.  Apparently I'm getting downgraded to sharing the whole space with engineers and new labbies in cubicles.  Downgraded from an office to a cube.  By sunday I will have finally joined the cubicle army.  I think I should get at least a certificate or something. At least now I know how they feel about me.

Here's a secret for you...I applied for another job and I feel good about it.  Maybe I shouldn't, this agency never has called me back for the million times I've applied before, why should they now?  Maybe because now I'm awesome?  Wow, ego much?  Get back down where you belong, ego.  Humility and humbleness, welcome back.

I did get out on a boat yesterday, such a perfect day for it, so this week didn't end on such a horrible note.  Ry said my office was ghetto last week when he and Asher met me for lunch.  Wait til he sees it now.  I just called my boss and asked him to take some photos...if he does I'll post them when I see them.