Thursday, August 25, 2011

We were dead before we even knew it

So, the first annual Zombipocalypse has been changed to Saturday, October 1st, 2011.  It looks cooler that way, too, 10-1-11.  100111, Very binary and post-apocaliptic.  So, it has been done.  Hopefully more people are free to attend with this change.  JJ has the music in the hizzy, she just got it to me and I'm totally listening to it right now!  How exciting!  Thanks JJ, you're awesome!

I'm still looking for food/drink suggestions, I have a few already but more are always welcome.  Also, I'm going to post a "bring list" on facebook asking people to bring stuff so I don't have to cook a ton of stuff or buy a ton of stuff.  Kind of pot luck zombipocalypse.  Really, I'm just preparing us to all work together efficently in the event of an acutal zombie infestation.  So, look for that within the next week or two.  Cause the party is really only like a month from now.  I'm getting excited.

Does anyone own a fog machine?  Or a disco ball or strobe light?  And may I borrow these things temporarily?  Also, gonna post this again on facebook as well but everyone who is going to be a zombie needs to bring their own headstone and if you are going to be a survivor I need to know ahead of time, we can only have so many survivors.  What's a good old fashioned zombipocalypse if everyone are survivors? Invite your friends!  This is gonna rock.

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