Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For a minute there I lost myself...

Office-geddon, Day 1:
Day one was the biggest surprise, seeing as how I was informed about my office being destroyed while I was stuck in a two hour meeting so there was pretty much nothing I could do to prevent damage to my personal effects.  Also, I was told it'd be okay, that they would "work around me" and I would be able to stay where I was with minimal interference in my work.  Here's what I came back to:

 Day 2: 
I just knew it was going to get worse.  I was told today that I was "over reacting" and that once the power was returned to my office that I would be able to work there again with no problems.  I was also told that I needed to quit whining and that "it's really not that bad".  Uh huh.  I think I work with a bunch of lunatics if this "isn't really that bad".  Oh, and do you see all of those little floaties?  I need a respirator just from taking these pictures.

Yeah, have a good laugh now.  I'm so glad you find this funny.

Back in the day things were made to last.  At least my office put up a good fight.

Day 3:
I've given up caring.  No one else does around here.  I finally found myself some mostly temporary workspace (at least until someone needs the conference room) and a spare laptop that John and I are sharing currently.  It's good to feel appreciated where you work.  I'm glad they appreciate all the hard work I do for them.  There's nothing like a good old office razing to increase employee motivation.  

That echo of a wall used to divide my office from my sanctuary

This is all that's left of my office.  Well, this and all the stuff in the dumpster already.

John's desk.  Looks like it hasn't been used in 10 years.  Thanks for covering up our stuff and protecting it, guys. 
I'm just gonna keep on not "over reacting" while borrowing people's stuff and looking for new jobs.

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  1. You poor baby, are they trying to build something better or just enjoying tormenting you???