Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Get on up, get the funk up

Crazy stuff happening here, torrential down pours with insanely loud and long thunder (ry thinks that lightening struck nearby our house, it scared both of us awake immediately this morning while Asher slept peacefully through it), we had a minorly noticeable earthquake here (I was in a conference room which sits over water so we kind of rolled through it instead of shaking through it), unseasonably cool weather, weird stuff. 

Work is trying to ruin the awesome chill I've been having all week after coming back from my vacation.  I'm trying really hard not to let it get to me but...I'm eroding.  Stand tall, lone ranger...

So, I have all sorts of things I have been planning on writing all week, believe it or not.  I know, I was going through a bit of a dry spell for a while.  But worry not. Mildly but not entirely entertaining content is back!

So, in NY I was introduced to catcalling.  I'm assuming that it happens here in the Cleve, too, but I apparently am really really good at blocking it out.  I don't even think I would have noticed it in NY either but I was walking with two other beautiful ladies who, in combination with a third regular-ish looking girl (me), obtained a decent amount of catcalls from all the homies on the block. I think that it's just that I assume that they aren't talking to me.  It's obviously a self confidence issue stemming from years of negative self confidence and guilt for nothing in particular.  I would have made an excellent Catholic.  New career choice, would I look good in a habit?  I'd totally be like all Sister Act up in this career change.

I digress.  I didn't even notice the catcalling the first two days.  I guess guys in NY (and other places I'm sure) do this noise "tsss-tsss-tsss" to try and get you to look at them or something.  Like you are a little kitty cat or something.  Other guys say things like "hey, pretty ladies" or offer to carry something for you or something like that.  It's kind of sweet in a way.  I mean, the normal catcalling isn't sweet, the "tss-tss-tss" isn't sweet but the offering to help a lady is kind of nice.  I still even assumed that most of the time the guys were catcalling to my wonderful friends and not me but, you know, take a compliment where you can get one, right? 

Rachel said that guys will not even try to hide checking out a girl in NY, either. I don't think that they did this to me but I saw a guy check out Rachel once.

And I'm pretty sure a guy tried to shoot a basket for me while playing ball with a bunch of guys.  Well, he said he was shooting a basket for one of us but he pointed, and I thought he pointed to me but he could have ben pointing to Rachel or Ann...either way, he missed the basket though.  He did rescind it and told me the next one he got in would be for me instead.  I didn't stick around to see if he did ever get one in for me.  I like to think that he did.  I am wondering if I never notice catcalling in Cleve because I'm almost always with another guy?  I wonder if I went out with a bunch of ladies (or just one or two) if I would get catcalled here.  I think that if I walked by a bunch of guys in the Cleve playing basketball and one offered to shoot me a basket he would be made fun of by his friends, cause obviously Cleve boys are puerile.  Or are they? 


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  1. Oh they are! You are just so oblivious because you think you're BETTER than everyone! :)