Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Backdoor cracked, we don't need a key

So, this blog has been an awful lot about cooking and not a whole lot about anything else.  So, I promise some different content.  Just because I enjoy changing it up and keep you on your toes.

I just found a book through an indirect recommendation from Wil Wheaton, it's a steampunk zombie series called Boneshaker by Cherie Priest.  I know, right?  I'm sure you just peed your self a little, too, just like I did when I saw that.  In fact, I don't just think you did, I know you did.  Just a little excitement pee, it's okay, I won't tell anyone.  It happens.  I bought it and I'll let you know how it is, there are three more of them when I'm finished with this one.  How exciting.  Also, just found out the last book in Guillermo Del Toro's series The Strain comes out on Oct 11th.  Also something awesome to look forward to, you know?  It's called The Night Eternal.  I read the first vampire book by Cherie Priest (the one that was actually recommended by Wil Wheaton), called Bloodshot, and it was good. Not very smutty but witty and charming and good.  I liked it and I recommend it.  Especially if you listen to the audiobook, man, the woman, Natalie Ross, who read it, was awesome.  Seriously she was the best reader I've heard so far.  I reserved more audiobooks read by her from the library, unbiased as to who the author was!  We will see how that turns out...

I only have 12 days of Beach Body Insanity left.  12 days.  I can't believe it.  I honestly didn't think I would make it this far.  So, go me.  And go to A, too.  Cause we are in this together.  I'm planning on posting my comments on each day's workout on here, if you are interested, I'm gonna work on it for the next week and post them by month (two months total).  I think some of the stuff A and I say about the workout gets pretty funny.  Also, I need to ask A but I want to put up some of her comments, too.  Edited, of course, but still, she gets pretty amusing.  So, look forward to that sometime in the near future.

Did I mention I got kicked out of yet another office?  That they are tearing down the wall in that office, too?  I feel like my middle name should have been Kali because I seem to bring destruction with me where ever I go around here.  I put my office on a cart this morning and set up right by the front door, partially to make a point and  partially because it was the only free internet hookup I could find, but then I got told that I couldn't set my desk up there and to commandeer the smaller conference room for this week as it wouldn't be used and then to see where I needed to go next week.  I was upset about it earlier but now I just don't care enough to care.  And I'm pretty hopped up on caffeine and so I'm too hyper to be mad.  Oh well, I'm sure it'll catch up to me eventually.

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  1. Just remember that you are excellent at what you do and no one can take that from you.