Monday, June 28, 2010

This is my motivation, with a little vindication, no need to keep you waiting

So, I promised the wine fest story and here you have it.

So, JJ showed up at my house at 5:30 to be my designated driver (she's so responsible!) and we headed off. Then, about half way there, I realized I did not bring my ID.  We had a small crisis about my money as well but then I found it (I don't use purses so when I do I become an idiot, I had my party dress on so no pockets).  So, long story short I am veyr dumb and JJ had to drive us all the way back to my house to get my ID (sorry again...:(...).  Finally we got there and had a great time.  I drank a lot of different types of wine and JJ got to basically watch me be an idiot.  Good times. 

We met this girl at the free Irish cheese booth and we both wanted to take her home.  She was seriously so cute and very authentic Irish.  Her accent was super cute.  We wanted to talk to her longer but we couldn't hear her over the band.  Stupid loud music. 

So, basically good times, good times.  We are thinking (you can tell me if you are still thinking positivily..) about going to the winefest in Hudson in July...

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