Sunday, June 27, 2010

A mosquito, an albino, my libido, hey

The party for Asher's first birthday went really well.  I'll post pictures tommorrow probably ( I know I say that every time but I really will, I almost promise!). 

Asher got tons of loot, he climbed all through it this morning as I was trying to sort some of it out.  It was cute. 

And, I guess this post is all about Asher today, but he was so cute last night, one of his toys was playing a song and he started dancing and humming along to it, I couldn't stand how cute it was.  I was like, OMG!

What a dork.  (me, of course).  Gonna get me some sweet potato fries today!  Holla.

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  1. I totally owe you guys a post about the wine fest with JJ on saturday. I'll write about it tomorrow! with bday pics!