Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It wasn't my idea, it never was my idea

So, I'm writing my novel again.  I kind of laugh at myself, it's pretty silly of me to pretend like I'll ever get anywhere with it.  I just like to write, sometimes it makes me feel like a real person with creativity and intellegence.  I often feel like I have no more creativity or intellegence so this is a nice fantasy I harbor occasionally.  I've actually been writing this for about a a year and a half, I write a chapter or two and then I leave it for a while, then I come back again.  So, I only have like, five chapters.  But whatever. 

I was thinking about posting it online somewhere but...meh...

Going to a wine fest with JJ on Friday, I'm super psyched about that.  Hopefully the weather is nice!

And only a little more than a month until California!  Woot!


  1. california!!!!!!! nice!
    let's trade stories?

  2. Sure...i'll email you if you want...i don't know your email though...