Sunday, June 20, 2010

The story always starts the same with a boy and a girl

And a hook, and a game.

So, i really meant to write this weekend but I suck.  We had such a nice weekend, ryan acutally got two days off in a row (he worked 97 hours so he could) and we went to Memphis Kiddy Park on Friday.  It was soooo hot. But Asher had a great time.  Once I get the pics uploaded to picassa I'll put up a link. 

Yesterday we went to my dad's for father's day and then my brother gave Asher his Birthday Present a few days early so he could use it, a two pool inflatable pool.  Once again, I'll post pics when I have them up. 

I'm sad the weekend is over, it was so nice. 

And as a side note, Asher took his first three steps on Friday.  Perhaps he will be walking by one yet. :)


  1. Yay for Asher walking!
    Yay for you getting to spend time with Ryand and Asher!
    Boo and hiss to Walmart for overworking Ryan.

    Now you understand my hatred of AT&T when Jason was working there. Getting woken up at all hours of the night for stupid shit. I swear that's how Jason developed his ulcer.

  2. It probably is. I think Ryan is developing one... :(