Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm seriously done with ticks already

Hello nasty, where you been? Probably in someones
body crevices.
I'm done with ticks.  I'm tired of having them.  I agree, they were novel in the beginning, with their disgusting habit of sneaking onto my person and trying to make me host more than one obvious parasite at a time.  I mean who doesn't want to hang out with tiny little creepy creatures who make it a habit of spreading an incurable disease and likes to spend their time in what one website called "body crevices and folds"?  I know I do.  Oh, wait, I meant the opposite of that. 

I have had three ticks in the last 8 or 9 days.  I am now on a tick Jihad.  I have never had ticks this often in one season ever, even when I worked for Davey Tree.  I must be delicious or maybe it's the sweet blood from Seiry forcing me to practically have an IV of sugary substances at all times.  That and the fact that we had such a mild winter. 

The message today is fuck ticks. You know how ticks eat your blood?  They use a little scalpel mouth part to cut you Emo style and then stick their entire head into your skin rooting around until they hit some pay-blood.  And then they hang on until they have gluttoned themselves so much on your blood that they literally have to throw up extra stomach contents back into your skin.  Yes ticks, you are one of the most disturbing creatures that I deal with.  You are like tiny little buffet eating serial killers, but just without killing but definitely with the fat family at a buffet problem.

I probably shouldn't use DEET so I've been looking into other treatment options.  I think I'm going to try to make this recipe for homemade bug repellent (specifically for ticks):

I'll probably just smell like an old lady's house, but if it keeps the ticks away, well, I'm cool with that.  I've also read that tea tree oil and NEEM oil can be useful as well.  I guess I'll find out. 

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