Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All I needed was love, sordid details following

I am so full of person right now.  It's hard to breathe.  Yesterday I seriously hiked around a humongous water plant in Cleveland, up the hill and up the steps.  It seemed  like they only had one direction there, up.  And then we walked about a mile to the next place downtown.  I did a whole lot of walking downtown yesterday.  I was beat.  I tried to go home and take a nap but I couldn't get comfy (thanks stupid cats).  We took Asher to Preston's Hope yesterday, a pretty cool park for younger kids.  He was ecstatic.  Seriously, his face was full of pure joy and bliss.  We packed a picnic lunch and went out there and he was in little kid heaven. 

Last night kind of sucked, though, he had nightmares so he came in and slept with us, meaning he laid diagonally across the bed trying all night to push me and ry out.  I tried to leave to go sleep in the other bed at one point and he freaked out massively.  So, need less to say, my back hurts more than normal today.  And I have my very last dam inspection of the season today.  I'm so tired and achy, I really don't want to go.  But someone must, so it must be me. 

At least once it's done I can work on my grant proposal which is due on June 1st...which I haven't even started.  I can't keep up.  Oh well, one thing at a time.  Oh wait, I have boat training, sampling and monitoring training to do yet.  Gah.

I had something to write about today which I thought about at like 4 am this morning while being kicked in the back by my son and in the bladder by my daughter. But, now I don't remember.  I'm so tired.  

New Spacehog album was supposed to be out yesterday but I can't find it.  I'm sad.  I also want to buy the MGMT album, I just haven't yet.  I'll get it for myself for my birthday perhaps?  Perhaps. 

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