Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm on the pursuit of happiness

This coming Friday starts month 9 of my pregnancy.  I'm feeling pretty good considering.  I'm super tired and kind of achy all the time but it's not too bad.  The heat is difficult, though.  It really takes it out of me.  Like yesterday, I worked and of course yahoos had to be out waiting for me to get there to yell at them.  And confiscate their tents.  In 92 degree humid heat.  It was super awesome.  Then I got harassed by my dad last night for not coming over to hang out with him while they were drinking in the heat.  No thank you, I was super hot and tired (and I really don't like being around my dad when he drinks...).  I went home and conked out on the couch for a while then made dinner and just chilled out with my family. 

Strawberries are ready to be picked.  I need it to cool off just a tad so I don't kill myself, I'd like to go and pick soon though! I was thinking about 10-15 lbs of berries.  I'm ready to make some pies.  I have plans to make about 10 pies this year, give out about five of them fresh and freeze about five of them for later use/distribution.  How much would you pay for a strawberry rhubarb pie made by yours truly?  I'd like to make jelly, too.  Maybe this weekend.

I had a super awesome low key birthday party this weekend.  It was really nice. Asher was also pretty good this weekend so that was a nice birthday present from him.  He made a new friend, Tom's girlfriend Ashley's daughter Addison.  It was so cute, we were trying to get them to fall asleep in front of the TV well past their bedtimes and they instead were building a fort/castle out of blankets on the floor.  While they were doing this, Asher crawled up to Addison, kissed her on the lips and then ran away.  It was super cute.  We told him that he had to ask a girl before he could do that and so he said, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Can I come in your castle?"  So cute. 
Anyway, back to work.  Lots to do.  

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