Thursday, November 10, 2016

WTF just happened 'Merica?

I think there are a lot of us who are left thinking, what the fuck just happened?  How did that lying, misogynistic, racist, money loving, narcissistic failed tycoon end up in charge of the country.

I don't have an answer.  I do know that I am so sad about our country.  I worry for all of us, the hate and the derision that brought us to this point.  How are we such a country divided?  Where did we go wrong?

Shortsightedness is Dude's excuse.  That, and the electoral collage once again failing to represent the popular sentiment of the American people.  We need to move past this.  We need to eliminate the electoral collage so our vote counts again.

Some of the things our new pres elect has promised in the first 100 days:
Things I think are bad:

  • -De-fund climate change research and reallocate that money into water and infrastructure 
    • Initially I want to say 'because climate change is bullshit, as all republicans know' which is kinda unfair.  but, it's not so simple.  Really, this one is tricky.  So, water and infrastructure are incredibly CRITICAL.  But not at the expense of not being prepared for climate change (losing florida into the sea, the sinking of NYC, loss of costal shorelines and millions upon millions of people impacted by droughts, hurricanes, floods and other severe weather events).  Don't shortchange climate change because of water.  Find help for water and bridges elsewhere (perhaps where you are spending all that money trying to get the keystone pipeline active again...)
  • Spend a ton of money revitalizing coal, gas and oil, including overturning the Keystone pipeline 'roadblocks'  
    • because, you know, fuck the environment and renewable energy
  • Freeze federal hiring to reduce government by attrition 
    • because you know, those people aren't actively doing jobs for the American public.  one day...shit's gonna fall apart even worse than it is already
  • Build a wall around Mexico and bill the Mexican Govt.  
    • Because, you know, they will totally pay for it.  As a land manager, I know how much fencing costs.  This is NOT financially responsible first and foremost, without even taking in the other fifty reasons it is a bad idea. Just an idea, for a quarter of a mile of green fencing with barbed wire topping...cost us $75,000.  
  • Imposing 2 year mandatory minimum sentences for illegal immigrants for entering after deportation. 
    • Because, you know, let's kick them out the first time but give them room and board I have to pay for the second time.  Ehhhhhh.....I don't think this one was thought through.  Are we going to charge the Mexican govt for this, too? 
  • Requirement that for every new federal regulation two existing regulations must be eliminated. 
    • How is that going to work?  Water treatment is federally regulated.  So, if we decide to regulate the algal toxin Microcystin, do we get to get rid of regulations on arsenic and selenium?  Seems like we are going to have a problem here really quickly. 
So, stuff I kinda am waiting to see how it works out: 
  • Repealing obamacare
    • So...if this is done well, and we get a health savings program instead, this might work.  There's solid proof elsewhere in the world that it does work.  But...i just can't see Trump making it work. 
  • Affordable Childcare and Eldercare Act.  
    • in theory it sounds great.  Since we aren't hiring more federal employees...who's going to run this shiny new program?
  • School Choice and Educational Opportunity Act
    • Let's see how this goes, too.  Lots of ways for it to be another 'no child left behind' program
  • End Offshoring Act
    • seems like a really cool program.  Who's gonna run it when the employees are all gone and how are you going to enforce and keep it from fraud? 
  • Lifetime ban on white house officials being foreign lobbyists, ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections, and White House officials having to wait 5 years to be lobbyists in America
    • This all makes sense to me. 

So....efff...I have no idea.  Also, i feel like I'm a minority now, buried under a country of crazy, horrible, selfish human beings.  Not a proud moment.  Hang tough, friends.  It's only four  years.  


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