Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mother of light, give me my heart

Wow.  That last post.  That girl should see someone, amirite?


It's snowing today for the first time in a while.  Like since March or something.  Our weather has been really weird, and it's made me uncomfortable.  Guess I'm getting old, cause you know, back in my day, nature knew well enough to have already been snowing intermittently by now.

I tried to appreciate the good weather but it was difficult for me.  It almost felt how you feel when you know that one dude at work, you know the one, the one that always seems to do the fucking stupid shit that defies logic and messes up all your best laid plans?  That guy.  It's like when he is unexpectedly nice to you for a while and you are just waiting for it to come back on you (it did, by the way.  It always does eventually).

Anyway, this post is about nothing.  It's why you come here.  For the quality content.

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