Tuesday, January 3, 2012

And another one's down...another one bites the dust

Hello new year.  Good bye old year.  2012...I honestly can say I didn't really imagine it would be like this.  Also, and I guess this is because I am a woman of short sight or something, I didn't really imagine living in 2012.  I mean, I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn't really think about it until it was here.  Like, when I was 15 I wasn't thinking, "man, I can't wait to be 30 in the year 2012.  My flying car and nanobots will be super awesome.  Fuck that, by then I should have the neural implants to give me the ability to fly.  I'll be flying, I won't even need a car.  Except in the winter.  I'm not flying in that shit."

But here we are.  After a completely uneventful NYE (google+ hung out with the Morrisons, put Asher to bed by 9:30, stayed up watching American Horror Story until 11:00 and went to bed) and an even more uneventful NYD (we did pretty much nothing at all and loved it) I feel that we are in need of some excitement and adventure.  But not the bad kind.  I'm thinking...well, something.  I don't know.

I'm also thinking about new years resolutions.  I haven't picked one yet but I will.  I think I did okay on last year's, I mean, I'm still writing this blog so that has to say something, right? 

BTW, I really liked American Horror Story...until the last episode, which was stupid and shark-jumpy and way too sappy.  Fuck that shit, fuck happy endings of a sort. We started watching Grimm...not sure if I like it or not yet. 

Would you get the first run of neural implants if they were free, and in the future they would cost you a ridiculous amount of money?

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  1. BUT, it leaves the really big question of "What is the next season even going to be about?" If they are scaring everyone away, is it just going to turn into a ghostly battle of the ghost house? Every logical explanation I have to the next season would make the show super lame and a copy of every other ghost story out there. I don't see AHS getting boring, so I'm super excited to see where the story takes off next season. I'm glad Ben was finally off-ed, though.