Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I should probably give this post a title

Hmm....cute video of Asher super jumping on his bed, then farting to propel himself farther (at least, that's his excuse). 

Tried to get photos off my phone from christmas time but it's being a challenge.  Usually they just load up to google+ automatically and I can pull them from there to here...but not today for some reason.  I'll work on it but I have to let you know in advance that I'm a bad mom and ry is a bad dad and we didn't take many photos.  I guess we just get caught up in the moment, and the minute Asher sees us taking a pic he either gets super hammy  or tells us not to take his picture and tries to grab the camera/phone away from us. 

Christmas was nice but I'm glad it's over.  Even with spreading it into 6 places in 3 days it's still tiring.  I just want to sleep for days.  Also, Asher refused to sleep through the night the entire four days I was off and also he wanted to get up prior to the crack of dawn so I was pretty tired overall anyway. 

Been thinking about baby names lately.  First off, Asher has me convinced it's a girl because he keeps saying things like "my baby sister is in mama's tummy".  We tell him, "It could be a brother, you don't know" and he tells us "I do know, and it isn't a brother.  It's a sister."  I think that is just wishful thinking for a boy who has no idea what he's talking about yet.  So, I need to stop thinking of it as a girl until we know what it is later on, probably around the beginning of March.  So far the names I like are Rory Ender if it's a boy and Rana Willow if it's a girl.  I have this thing with "r" this pregnancy because I also like the girl's name Raina. I don't know...Ry hasn't vetoed those two names yet so that's a good sign, but it's so early they could change a hundred times yet. 

Well, I can't get those photos up, I'll continue working on it and maybe make a bonus post later.  Happy New Year if I don't post again before then. 

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  1. Don't freak out if Asher is right - it's a 50-50 shot. :) I like Rory Ender by the way.