Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rewards I've lost and never known which way the money goes bad about not having a sooner blog.  I've been swamped with life but with nothing too interesting.

I started a twitter. I had originally wanted to do a podcast on all things water  related (watershed, water supply, and some waste water as far as I could do) but I really just don't have the time or support (financially or time wise) to do it.  So I opted for a twitter account. Not sure how to publicize it but I'll start here I guess.
Actually this tick is pretty inadvertently funny.
Follow me on twitter at @UCRWatershed.  You know, for all your water needed news and stuff.  Although I think it'd be interesting to do a podcast....Maybe if I can pull off this twitter thing (not seeming likely since I can't even regularly update this blog...not running a great track record so far....)

Nothing really.  I had wanted this to be a creative outlet for me but I'm about as creative as these ticks I keep getting.  We really aren't comedy or literary geniuses in any stretch of the imagination.

So....I'll try to update here with stuff about my life and make the twitter thing work for my watershed ambitions.  We will see.  But for now I'm being dog piled with impatient children who just can't seem to understand that I really want to write a blog instead of being climbed on by children. I'm not really sure how they aren't getting the obvious physical cues I'm giving them (just this side of practically ignoring them) but I'm either gonna have to start giving these physical cues harder (inviting the child services goons to deliver my children to new care drones) or actually pay attention to them before they stick lego stickers to my walls or flush the cat down the toilet or some other "it seemed like a good idea at the time" kind of project.

One other quick friends are asking the internet to name their child.  I really hope he doesn't end up named Wuku Gangham Style (actually a small part of me (*not that small*) really hopes that he does, but my son is a strong defender of Dinosaur Dragon).  Anyway, I know most of my readers already know these people and have probably already voted but if you haven''s your chance to name a real live human being.  Or at least be part of the consensus that names him.  Pretty swank if you ask me.

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