Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Half remembered rumors of the old

I was waxing melancholy this morning about old times and old friends.  My best friend from high school's birthday was last week and I was thinking about her this morning.  I would love to reconnect with her but we were already such different people before we parted high school that I wonder if we could ever really
reconnect the way we had in high school.

Remember when I used to write really witty and interesting stuff on here?  Yeah, me either.

I'm running my next 5k on labor day.  Cheer me on, would ya?

I have been thinking about myself a bit lately, ways to improve and what's wrong with me.  I need to focus on what's right with me probably.  There's quite a bit wrong. *shrugs*.  I have recently discovered I am really good at being empathetic but really bad at reading people's emotions, if that makes sense.  I found that I project my own insecurities and low self esteem on other people which makes me feel that they are already disappointed in me and that I need to make it up somehow.  Apparently this is not the case, which, like I said, I just discovered. (hey, we self discover our whole lives, no judging...I'm looking at you...you know who you are, judgy-judy...).  So, I'm gonna try to remember that and stop being so overly sensitive.  Also, I have a pretty bad swearing problem.  Or maybe it's not a problem?

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  1. It is in "how" you swear. If you can use fuck at least 4 times in a sentence each time as a different part of speech, then I salute you.