Sunday, August 11, 2013

But my eyes are open, yeah, they're really open

It has been a good weekend.  It's crazy how I go from low to high and back.... regardless....

I ran my first 5K yesterday, Cleveland's Run or Dye that I got as a groupon.  Ry ran with me and I wish I had coordinated better because my friend from work Robert was there and he should have run with us too.  We did meet up afterwards but...that's just a reason that he has to run another 5k with me, right? Right.

Anyway.  I know you have already seen these photos more than likely but I'm putting them up for my own record, you know?
I don't think I got nearly colored enough.  Or maybe I sweat it all off....

These are the dirty feet that made it happen...

There was a tie-dye after party. 

Aw yeah, glow team running for the win!

So...I'm looking for another 5k in september and one in october I think.  I had so much fun.  I was also so proud of myself because I ran the whole thing and I felt like I could have run even more.  The course was pretty flat and that made it pretty easy.  And it was right by the lake, so it was nice and breezy and beautiful.  Very nice.  

We are thinking about buying ryan a Ford C-Max.   He's freaking over the price, which is usually my job, so I don't know what happened in crazy reverse world.  I think we are going to buy it anyway.  He deserves a nice car and we could really use something with really good fuel economy. His Malibu..well, it's not a hybrid.

Lot's of good things happening this weekend.  I'm feeling good from yesterday still.  I had a pretty nice pampered chef party even though I didn't think I would (due to people not coming).  The kids were really good and I read an article telling me to stop rushing them with my A type personality and they are right.  So I'm  trying not to rush much....we still have things to do, you know?  

We also have two girls available to babysit now, which is exciting.  Two potential babysitters.  So I have one lined up for the wedding which is nice.  And maybe for those days when Rosie can't watch them.  I'm in a good place right now.  

I am thinking about getting the 23 and me tests for ry and myself.  I will post some of the results here when we get around to doing it and stuff.  

And....Halloween is slowly approaching....I can't wait to make the haunted house list for this year.  You're coming, right? 

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