Wednesday, February 20, 2013

walking the fine line between fact and fiction.

Sitting in the lobby if the sboro dunkin donuts waiting for the lady from the citizens group for lake stuff to show up. Bought chai that is horrible for me, I can see through the decadence to know its gonna go straight to my already huge ads. Or maybe my thighs, they divvy the fat evenly. I should have asked for soymilk but I didn't think about it until it would have been rude to change my order. She's here now. We talked about stuff but nothing real. I sounded interested but I know that nothing will probably come from this meeting. Brought back guilt bagels for the plant. Not enough, only half a dozen. They assuage my guilt from sitting in the dining area without buying stuff. At least I didn't buy the little hash rounds I wanted. You know, for my butt.

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