Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Highly caffeinated and the most celebrated for connecting it

Awww yeah... One night of uninterrupted sleep and I feel like a boss.  Except for the crown I broke two days ago.  Which sucks balls.  Pretty bad.  It doesn't hurt but it's sharp and it's awkward (man, awkward is such an awkward word.  I guess it's pretty fitting...) and it's annoying as all who-ha.

I wrote a little poem about it.  Eh-hem, here it goes:
Asher and Seiry refused to sleep
and that upset their mama
she bit down and broke her crown
which only caused more drama.

And who said I wasn't able to be creative anymore and that I could only (poorly) write annual reports for the EPA? Oh, wait, that was me.  My bad. Disregard the previous statement.

Also, I fired myself yesterday for not writing a better annual report draft two years ago to copy now.  And I fired myself also because WHY IS IT SO HARD TO WRITE A SECTION ON BMPS?!?!?!?  Ah, that would be because you're FIRED.  I think that's how it went down.  It was quite a scene in my cubical.

So....yeah.  I'm funny.  Actually, the opposite.  I'm not funny.

Today ry is getting THE surgery.  Good luck to him.  Score one for glow family planning.

Anyway, I am now on the way to get my tooth fixed.  Stupid tooth.

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