Thursday, March 29, 2012

Am I sure you are what I think you are?

So...good news turns sour sometimes way too soon. The announcement was made at work yesterday.  here's a direct quote: " Jessica Glowczewski will assume the responsibilities of Watershed Superintendent (similar to work previously performed by Mr. Collin Coy)." Now, keep in mind, this is supersedes the promotion to Watershed Supervisor I just got about two weeks ago. So, that's a bit quick.  And, well, according to the City qualifications, I'm not qualified.  The technically of it is that I will get a temporary class change to Assistant Watershed Superintendent (which I am qualified for) and eventually the position will be posted and I can apply for it rightfully so.  Then I will spend the next four years earning the experience I need to be eligible for the Superintendent position. 

So, some quick facts...I am not getting paid superintendent pay and I am not an official superintendent.  The idea is just to put someone in this "slot" so that work can get done.  It's not always easy to get the things you need to get the work that needs done accomplished in the city, so though it seems a's kind of how it has to go.  I'm very happy with this turn of events, honestly.  This is where I want to go with the city and now my path has been clearly defined.  I know exactly what I need to do to get where I want to go, which is also something that is hard to do in the city. I said,, instead of people here being supportive and congratulatory...well, people were normal petty City workers.  They yelled at me, told me I wasn't good enough for the position, that I didn't earn it, other choice terms and phrases, and these are just the ones they angrily blurted in my face, not even the ones that they said when I wasn't around.  They say that I should have turned it down and gone straight to the union!  As if.  Like any of those whiners would have done any differently.  And you know what?  Where were they when I was doing all the extra work for no additional pay?  They were calling me a dummy and saying that I shouldn't be doing extra work without compensation for the city because it was a waste of time and effort and that they would never go above and beyond for the city.  And who ended up doing all of that work?  Me.'d that pay for all of you petty, bitter city employees who refused to pick up the slack or even help me when I did? 

I'm sorry, I didn't want to get angry about it.  It really hurts me, though.  I'm nice to everyone here.  I work really hard and try my best every day while I watch  people who do the bare minimum and get paid much more than me.  I fight with these people every day to get just the things I need to do my job from their complacent petty claws.  They are condescending to me (even before this announcement) when I do the extra work.  The one guy said he's going to report it to the union.  Do it.  What do I care? 

I don't know.  I know I shouldn't let it get to me, but it's hard.  I work hard, I feel like I deserve this.  

To top off yesterday I told my mother the name Ry and I have decided on, Seiry Rose Glowczewski.  And she was totally supportive and wasn't mean or demeaning at all.  Not one bit.  

Oh, wait, did I say it that way?  I meant that she totally hated it, made fun of it and made me feel like garbage in general.  Thanks mom.  I really appreciate the support and respect. 

So, the two things I was really happy and excited about just a few days ago...both of them are causing me some sorrow today. 

I feel like throwing some music in here today.  Have some Roni Size and Bahamadia. 

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