Monday, February 6, 2012

30 day writing challenge day 4: simple

Even a topic as simple as simple is is kind of giving me a challenge today.  Didn't write anything yesterday, partially due to us still recuperating and partially due to cleaning/disinfecting and baby showering all day long.  Off again today because my sitter is sick now.  It's nasty and apparently incredibly contagious.  Here's my attempt at writing for simple:

Sometimes even the incredibly simple things can be taken for granted when they go away.  Simplicity is overlooked and under recognized.  People wish for the simpler days.  Remember when a bucket full of bouncy balls and a bubble machine could bring you pure joy?  No?  They could, just watch a toddler.  And that simplicity is something that you miss, deep down,  That's why we try so hard to find happiness in any escape we can, when really all we need to do is figure out how to make a bucket of bouncy balls and a bubble machine fun again.  I think my solution was having kids, but that's not for everyone.  Having kids has made my life infinitely more difficult but has also brought back those moments of simple joy.  What does that for you?

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