Friday, February 3, 2012

30 day writing challenge: Cat, Day 2

Open one eye.  Open both eyes.   Oh, girl is awake?  Is girl awake?  Better go check.  Probably can tell by sitting on top of her and meowing.  Wait, now I'm on the floor...maybe she isn't awake?  I'd better check again. I should walk all over her.  I will.  Meow, merrrrrou? Yup, she's awake. Pet me girl!  Pet me.  Oh, yeah, right behind the ears like that.  Ahhhhhhhh.....yeah.......

Wait. WAIT!!!!  Why did girl stop petting me? Come back girl.  I'll make you pet me.  Stop pushing me away.  Pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me pet me! Oh, she's gone.  Maybe I'll stare out the window for a while and watch if she will come back to pet me.  Hey, is that a bird?  That's a bird.  Wait, no, that's not a bird.  Is that a bird?  No. 

Hmm....sleepy....time for a nap.  Now hungry.  Time for food.  Sleepy.   Time for nap.  Time to watch for squirrels.  Oh, squirrel!  Come here squirrel!  Come here!  I'll get you.  Is that a mouse on the floor?  I'd better check it out, but first I'd better stalk it for a while.  Nope, just a rubber band. might be a mouse in disguise, tricky mice.  I'd better stalk it again.  And....pounce.  KILL KILL KILL!!!!!  Killer ninja cat in the house, protecting everyone from dangerous mice!  No, still just a rubber band. 

Is girl home yet?  I want to be petted.

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  1. This sounds like one of my freshman experiencing any other normal day.