Monday, October 3, 2011

Zombipocalypse, 2011

So, this weekend was the first ever Zombipocalypse.  It rained.  It happens.  I mean, zombipocalypses could potentially happen at anytime so, it makes sense to be prepared.  Here are the photos and some quick little side notes.  First is the preparation.  I made zombie fingers.  Basically I used the fresh bacon from the CSA and wrapped it around rod pretzels and securing them with toothpicks, then baking them in the oven for about 20 minutes.  I was worried when they first came out because the bacon had made the pretzels soft.  I let them cool off before I coated them in chocolate, though, and they hardened right back up.  And were amazing.  I should have gotten a second pack of bacon, but I was worried they wouldn't turn out and I would ruin all that bacon. 

Zombie fingers...

pre-zombie fingers...

Bear helped mama with her costume.

So, day of party photos now.  Mostly just chilling.  Since it rained all weekend we ended up hanging in the house and the garage.  We put up a sheet over the garage door and projected movies and music, it was pretty boss.  Ry was diligent and actually got a fire started, too.  So we had that, though it was cold cold cold and I didn't spend much time outside because I didn't want little bear outside.  Oh, did I mention I let him stay up til 11?  We were going to let him go til he dropped but he refused to drop so we eventually put him to bed.  He had a blast.  I think it's safe to say we all had a great time. 

I did makeup for ry, myself, bear, tom, the shig and Brittany.  I got better as I went on, my makeup (which I did first) was considerably the worst.  Rachel's makeup, which she did her self was pretty awesome, and Jess pain did a pretty good job, too.  Honestly, most of our zombie compatriots were pretty excellently made up.  I should have made Rachel do all of our makeup, though. She was much better at it than I was. Oh well, practice makes more zombies. 

 JJ brought these lovely treats, which I'm going to pretend she made with CSA eggs as well:

Deviled eggs level 2, eyes of the damned.

Zombie casual hour.  Just chilling and mixing. 

Keef of the dead and his lovely zombie drove all the way from
Maryland to hang with his undead companions.

Silly survivor.  It's only a matter of time before you are one of us.

Zombie hoard smells brains. 

Hey, I can see you out there...

We even had a zombie Chell.  She made her own glow in the dark companion cube and leg braces.  Awesome.

What zombie party is complete without the second coming of Christ?
And his beautiful prom queen of the damned, of course.

I always feared my child would be the death
of me...

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  1. Great Party! You'll once again get the "Party of the Year" award at my end of the year recap! Brains!