Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I love the taste of unpredictable licks

Oh, that Prince is so sexy dirty with his lyrics.  Shame on him!  *blushes*

Anyway, gonna take the boat out at work today, how fun is that?  I know you are jealous. 

And in a sad note, Ryan's uncle Butch died two days ago, the funeral is Friday. I know it's just stupid supersition but I'm a little worried about things in threes....I wish I wasn't so stupid


  1. I am TOTALLY jealous of you taking the boat out today. One of my best vacation memories ever was when I rented a pontoon a couple years ago and took it out on a tiny lake. Loved it!

  2. Are you listening to old school Prince. Because I loves me some old school prince. I don't think does dirty lyrics anymore because of his jehovah's witnessdom.

  3. Yeah, I have a greatest hits album and it's super awesome. That is from the song "The Pope", one of my personal favs.