Sunday, November 22, 2015

I go punch! kick! bite! fight!

Wow.  Like a year and a half since I wrote last.  I missed not one but two whole Halloween seasons to write, but unfortunately I only went to a handful and didn't have much to say, except I got to shoot zombies in the head with a pretty realistic looking semi-automatic rifle.  That was most excellent. I would have given it like all of the skull heads I used to use or something.  Whatever that was.

Basically, my job changed right around when I last posted and...well, no more free time ever.  Straight up.  Also, I started a podcast with a friend, and if you didn't know that, you could check it out here.  We are one person internationally famous in Norway.  So, I did some of my dumb talking there.  Also, if you didn't know, I also do some raps, though they are not Die Antwoord good, check them out, too.

Why did I decide to write again?  I want to create another blog where I'm going to write a smutty vampire story or something.  So, I figured I'd tie it to this blog and something?  I don't know.  I know this isn't exactly well read, so I'm pretty sure I won't die of shame as I write some smutty stuff.  If you are related to me, I promise will tell you where never to click as i continue to write the stories.

Thanks for reading and....peace out girl scout.

The link to my new blog for writing, and I promise  I have only posted old stuff I was writing before so far....

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