Wednesday, June 27, 2012

See androids fighting Brad and Janet

I've noticed a trend.  If I post pictures on my blog, I get more people looking at my blog.  Oh, and if I wrote more consistantly, that would probably help, too.  But pictures!  So, I probably should just post random pictures all over this post and maybe people would be like, oh, I'm gonna check out that blog! 

Take that, Janet...
Actually, I don't really care if a bunch of people read my blog or not.  Cause I didn't make this for you.  This blog carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval.

Okay, I don't have the seal of approval.  But I will,
in just seven days. 
You know what drives me crazy?  People who complain about everything but never listen to anything anyone else has to say (no, I'm not talking about myself here... :/  ).  For example, I went blueberry picking with my mom, my mother in law, Asher and my mother in law's dead friend's daughter, Donna.  I happened to borrow a cooler thingy from her for Asher's party and she needed it back by Wednesday but I had left it at my mom's house.  My mother was bringing it to blueberry picking but ended up running late.  Do you think I heard the end of it?  Even after my mom gave it back she was still complaining and asking for it back. The whole time.  Even after we already gave it back... Also, she is a bit of a hypochondriac....and has to always be sicker or mroe allergic or more anything negative than anything you are talking about.  You know, I actually think it's really quite a feat to be that negative and pessamistic and verbally insulated.  She's like a level 15 complainer casting spells of irrationality and annoyance in an almost unlimited abundance.  Seriously, I think I took like 50 hit points of psychic damage just from being near her for an hour.  It took me two days to recover enough just to write about it.  Or maybe I've just been either lazy or busy or tired.  I'm blaming it all on that psychic damage either way.  It's hard to tell the difference with psychic damage.  
I'm pretty sure this has something
to do with dealing a lot of crippling
psychic damage.
I should have taken pics of Asher picking blueberries, he was doing such a good job.  He really had a good time, too.  I'm pretty proud of him, I was worried he'd get bored but we made an adventure of it and he seemed to have a great time. 

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