Friday, April 6, 2012

Spiders explode in your kalidscopic eyes

Just a quick post today.  I've been so super busy at work this week that since I didn't really have anything planned for work today (just a few small things) I feel a little unmotivated.  I've still be super busy but i kind of have been just zombified the last half hour or so.  I'm going to get back to my invoices soon, I promise.  I just wanted to talk.  And you know, it's not even about much of anything. 

I've been starting to have lots of achy back-ness.  That's not too fun.  But that's not a huge deal.  Jeh came over last night and chair massaged me, no lower back or anything, just upper back and shoulders.  But it was so nice.  And then I heat padded the lower back so things were all in all pretty nice. I told him to expect at least bi-weekly calls but maybe even weekly calls.  He's pretty inexpensive, if you are interested in getting a massage let me know and I'll hook you two up. He makes house calls. 

Getting ready for a busy weekend of family Easter visits.  I'll be glad when I'm through, I hate all the obligated visitation and going to my dad's when it's a zoo.  I'm sure it will be crazy.  I'm sure I'll have some good posts for you next week. 

Do you get that Seiry would be pronounced the same as Ceri?  I'm playing with names again.  Not changing the name, just the spelling and maybe making it a nickname short for Ceridwen.  Which i discovered today.  And am in love with.  Doesn't it look beautiful?  Ceridwen Rose Glowczewski.  And Ceri for short.  Ceridwen was the Welsh goddess of poetry.  And, you know, I think my parents will hate it even more.'s in the vetting process.  Ry is rolling it around, deciding how he feels about it.  (the long version and changed spelling, I mean)

Anyway....only rougly 14 weeks to get lots of stuff done, her room is still in massive disarray.  We are going to paint it soon....hopefully....if ry ever gets over this stupid cold he has.  I've been sleeping on a cot in her room all this week because his sick snoring has been driving me crazy waking me up.  I'm not complaining, I'm sure I'm pregnancy snoring every night and he's kind enough not to pick on me about it...maybe he finds it endearing?  Uh-huh...sure he does...

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